What is aLulujam?

A LuluJam is a musical experience that requires absolutely no experience at all! Drums, bells, shakers and wooden instruments are placed in a circle of chairs and people from birth to 106 join in rhythm games, song and lots of laughter in musical fun.


For most of us, you introduced us to a new way to “smile”! It was a very fun-filled experience-one we will not forget! The vibrations we received will stay with us for a long time.The Heart and Soul Group, Canadian Memorial Church and Centre for Peace


Creative Music Councellor

To introduce the idea of making music as a way of relieving stress, team building, counteracting the effects of pain and violence, building community through rhythm.

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Thank you so very much for making the workshop such a success for all participants and making my life unmeasurably easier.Mona-Lynne




It takes only a few minutes to get everyone relaxing and joining in. It’s magic!

Meet Lulu


All I can say Lulu, is you rocked the house. We can’t thank you enough. Your contribution last night was huge. Sapna Dayal, CAm Executive Director