Facilitator Training

Learn specific skills to successfully enrich clients, staff and faculties to build camaraderie, relieve stress and energizes your staff using innovative, science-based techniques that will benefit all. The activities promote participation in drumming, rhythmic body movements, auditory stimulation, playing musical instruments, singing and chanting guiding the group toward a therapeutic purpose.


The LuluJam Facilitator Training is for teachers, recreational therapists, leisure practitioners, care directors, activity directors, music therapists, professional and family caregivers:

The programmes teach participants how to engage childeren, students, patients, and elders in interactive music making that will bring a new level of joy, stimulation and connection.
This unique program has been designed for those working directly with seniors in care facilities, including care directors, recreational therapists, activity directors, music therapists, professional and family caregivers.’
With training, participants will be well equipped with an understanding of the theory behind recreational music making and be ready to implement this highly successful music programme in their communities.
We’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of A Daily Dose of Music - bridging cultural, physical and cognitive differences by engaging g body, mind and spirit with fun and lively activities and strengthening a sense of community and well-being for everyone - seniors and caregivers alike!

To book Lulu for your group or organization, please contact me here.